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This is a category of properties for the following kind of objects: subgroups. In other words, this category lists subgroup properties
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Important group properties, sorted by importance rank:

Extremely important (importance rank one):
 Defining ingredient
Characteristic subgroupCharacteristic subalgebra
Direct factorInternal direct product
Normal subgroup
Normal complement
Improper subgroup
Maximal subgroupMaximal operator
Proper subgroup
Nontrivial subgroupTrivial group
Proper characteristic subgroupProper subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Proper normal subgroupProper subgroup
Normal subgroup
Proper subgroup
Very important (importance rank two):
 Defining ingredient
Complemented normal subgroup
Hall subgroup
Normal Hall subgroupNormal subgroup
Hall subgroup
Subnormal subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Normal Sylow subgroupNormal subgroup
Sylow subgroup
Finite group
Subnormal subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Fully invariant subgroup
Subnormal subgroupNormal subgroup
Subordination operator
Sylow subgroupGroup of prime power order
Index of a subgroup
Order of a group
Hall subgroup
Somewhat important (importance rank three):
 Defining ingredient
Automorph-conjugate subgroupAutomorphic subgroups
Conjugate subgroups
Normal subgroup
Normalizer of a subgroup
Permutable subgroupProduct of subgroups
Permuting subgroups
Pronormal subgroupConjugate subgroups
Join of subgroups

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To see only the more important, or pivotal, among subgroup properties, refer Category:Pivotal subgroup properties.


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Notations page

The page giving notations for important subgroup properties is:

Notation for subgroup properties

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