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This article defines a subgroup property: a property that can be evaluated to true/false given a group and a subgroup thereof, invariant under subgroup equivalence. View a complete list of subgroup properties[SHOW MORE]


Symbol-free definition

A subgroup of a group is termed an AEP-subgroup or Automorphism Extension Property subgroup if any automorphism of the subgroup extends to an automorphism of the whole group.

Definition with symbols

A subgroup H of a group G is termed an AEP subgroup of G if given any automorphism \sigma of G, there is an automorphism \sigma' of G such that the restriction of \sigma' to H is precisely \sigma.


In terms of the function extension formalism

The property of being an AEP-subgroup is the balanced subgroup property with respect to the function extension formalism for the property of being an automorphism.

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This subgroup property is transitive: a subgroup with this property in a subgroup with this property, also has this property in the whole group.
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Any AEP subgroup of an AEP subgroup is an AEP subgroup. This follows from the Automorphism Extension Property being a balanced subgroup property.


This subgroup property is trim -- it is both trivially true (true for the trivial subgroup) and identity-true (true for a group as a subgroup of itself).
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Clearly, both the trivial subgroup and the whole group satisfy AEP, hence AEP is a trim subgroup property.

Intermediate subgroup condition

NO: This subgroup property does not satisfy the intermediate subgroup condition: it is possible to have a subgroup satisfying the property in the whole group but not satisfying the property in some intermediate subgroup.
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If H \le K \le G and H is an AEP-subgroup of G, H need not be an AEP-subgroup of K. For full proof, refer: AEP does not satisfy intermediate subgroup condition