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This article is about the groupprops wiki itself

Groupprops is intended as a dynamic repository of definitions, facts and proofs in the theory of groups, subgroups, automorphisms, and representations. Groupprops aims to be:

  • A quick reference tool for gathering the basic definition and important properties of any term/concept
  • A quick tool to check whether a particular fact (in group theory) is true, and to find facts related to a particular term
  • A quick tool to understand the proof of a result and figure out whether that proof os applicable in other contexts

Putting content on groupprops

Content scope

Refer Groupprops:Content scope for details on the content areas where groupprops is keen to grow and have more articles/information.

Style of presenting content

Check out Groupprops:Article for guidelines on writing a groupprops article. For definition articles, check out Groupprops:Definition article, and for fact articles, check out Groupprops:Fact article. For other kinds of articles, check out the relevant guideline pages (to which links are provided from the main Article page.


Further information: Groupprops:Categorization

Citing sources, references and external links

Check out the following:

Referring content on groupprops

Overall structure

Further information: Groupprops:Structure

Locating specific definitions/facts

For locating definitions, check out Help:Definition lookup.

For locating facts, check out Help:Fact lookup.

Typically, each category (such as subgroup properties)has its own lookup guidelines, to which a link is provided from the category's main page. The category comprising all lookup guideline pages is Category:Lookup pages.

General exploration

For exploring groupprops in general, check out Groupprops:Exploration.

In addition, category pages may have exploration guideline pages. The category comprising all exploration guideline pages is Category: Exploration guideline pages.