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This article is about the groupprops wiki itself

The groupprops wiki is concerned mainly with the abstract theory of groups, both finite and infinite groups. It also aims to have extensive coverage on related areas.

We here describe the content scope of Groupprops in relation to the mathematical subject classification for group theory. This is not because the wiki was designed based on the MSC,but because the MSC forms a convenient benchmark and starting point with which to compare and explain the wiki's content.

Basics of group theory

Groupprops can be used to pick up the basic definitions in group theory. The following are convenient lists of definitions and facts:

For a guided tour into basic definitions, please check out Groupprops:Guided tour for beginners.

General theory of groups

This would come roughly under Section 20F of the MSC, which is titled Special aspects of finite or infinite groups. This includes aspects like:

Category:Group properties

Category:Subgroup properties