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The External links section contains web links and references to important write-ups, articles etc. on the subject. These could include links to:

  • Encyclopaedias or knowledge repositories such as Wikipedia, Planetmath, and Mathworld.
  • Online version of journals, or links to the online version such as JSTOR, Springer, Elsevier. Accessing the articles may require journal subscription.

You can help improve the External Links in Groupprops. Check out Groupprops:Helping with external links.

Links to encyclopaedias


Wikipedia links are given whenever there is a Wikipedia entry on that subject, regardless of the quality or content of the Wikipedia entry. The idea is that Groupprops should act as a portal to all the notable places where the term is referenced, and Wikipedia entries are typically notable.

To put a Wikipedia link, use Template:wp. You need to write:


where Nameofarticle is the part that comes after the in the article name.

Planetmath and Mathworld

They work on a similar pattern as Wikipedia.