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This is a status report describing the status and performance of the wiki with respect to some parameters

Please refer Groupprops:Performance in search engines to understand more of the ideas and theory.

Also compare with a past report:

Groupprops:Search engine performance report (May)

This report is as of 25th July, and involves results both of Google search and of Yahoo! search.

Performance on searches looking for group theory repositories

On Google:

  • "group theory wiki" in quotes gives groupprops in the top two entries
  • "wiki in group theory" gives a link to a blog post of mine, which points to the groupprops wiki

For more loosely worded searches, however, Groupprops comes nowhere near the top.

Performance on definition articles

High-profile definition articles

This includes definition articles for terms like group, subgroup, normal subgroup, order of a group and so on. A listing of the kind of terms being referred to is available at: Category:Basic definitions in group theory

So far, the groupprops wiki does not figure anywhere near the top positions for any of these, for either Google search or Yahoo! search over the entire web.

Abstruse definition articles

  • "Strictly characteristic subgroup" returns only a page of entries on Google, one of which points to the groupprops article on strictly characteristic subgroup. On Yahoo!, "strictly characteristic subgroup" gives a link to the article on fully characteristic subgroup within the first page of results.
  • "Contranormal subgroup" returns 238 results on Google, of which the third is the Groupprops article on contranormal subgroup. On Yahoo!, it does not turn up in the search results.
  • "IA automorphism" returns 351 results on Google, of which the first fifty do not have any Groupprops article. Yahoo! search, on the other hand, puts the groupprops article at the third place.
  • "Capable group" along with "inner automorphism" gives, in its first page, a link to the Groupprops page on inner automorphism group, though there is no link to the capable group page.

Terminology local to the wiki

  • "Transitively normal subgroup" returns the groupprops entry at the fourth position on Google search. Yahoo! search does not give a link to the groupprops entry but links to many other groupprops entries.
  • "Normal extensible automorphism" returns the groupprops entry at the very top of Google search, and does not return any results on Yahoo! search.

Performance on survey articles and proof articles

Proof articles

  • "Characteristic implies normal" gives exactly one result on Yahoo! search, pointing to the normal subgroup page. Google search gives 4 results of which 3 are from Groupprops, though nand the top one points to the actual characteristic implies normal page.
  • "Characteristic subgroup of a normal subgroup is normal" does not give a direct link to the page characteristic of normal implies normal, but its fourth entry on Google goes to the normal versus characteristic page that links to the relevant page. Yahoo! search does not give any relevant result in the first page.

Survey articles

Site-specific search

Listed below are the most linked-to pages on Groupprops, and their performance on search within the site in Google: