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This article is about a American group theorist (a American person working in group theory)

This person worked in/on: Classification of finite simple groups

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Personal life

Daniel Gorenstein (1 Jan 1923-26 Aug 1992) was an American mathematician.

Professional life

  • 1950: Received Ph.D. from Harvard University
  • 1951: Gorenstein accepted a teaching position at Clark University
  • 1975: Gorenstein joined Rutgers University


Group theory

Gorenstein was among the mathematicians who worked on the Classification of finite simple groups, starting from the year 1960.

  • 1960-61: Began a long collaboration with Walter on group theory, and also interacted with Brauer, Suzuki, Higman, Graham and Ito.
  • 1968: Wrote a book titled Finite groups describing the then state-of-the-art in the classification of finite simple group.
  • 1982: Wrote a book titled Finite simple groups: an introduction to their classification
  • 1983: Wrote (jointly with Lyons) a book titled The local structure of finite groups of characteristic 2 type
  • 1994: Wrote (along with Lyons and Solomon) a book titled The classification of finite simple groups



Gorenstein worked under Saunders Maclane.


Gorenstein collaborated with many others working on the classification of finite simple groups, including:

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