Michio Suzuki

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This article is about a Japanese group theorist (a Japanese person working in group theory)


Personal life

Michio Suzuki (2 October 1926-31 May 1998) was a Japanese group theorist.


Group theory

While at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Suzuki produced many notable papers:

  • 1950: The lattice of subgroups of a finite group (Japanese)
  • 1950: On finite groups with a complete partition
  • 1951: On the lattice of subgroups of a finite group
  • 1951: On the L-homomorphisms of finite groups
  • 1951: A characterization of simple groups LF(2,p)

In 1968, Suzuki came up with the Suzuki sporadic group, a sporadic simple group.