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This article defines a subgroup metaproperty: a property that can be evaluated to true/false for any subgroup property
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How they came about


Symbol-free definition

A subgroup property is termed identity-true if it is implied by the improper property or the identity property (for the composition operator), or equivalently, if every group satisfies the property as a subgroup of itself. In other words, a subgroup property p is identity-true if ep.

Definition with symbols

A subgroup property p is termed identity-true if any group G satisfies p as a subgroup of itself.

Property theory

Stability under binary operators

The following are true:

Thus, for each of these, the identity-true properties forms a submonoid of the corresponding monoid.

Relation with transitivity

Being identity-true is one of the two conditions for being a t.i. subgroup property, and the latter is one of the most important subgroup metaproperties. The other condition is that of being transitive. The relation and interplay of these properties is captured somewhat in the residuation master theorem and the transiter master theorem.