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This article gives the statement and possibly, proof, of a non-implication relation between two automorphism properties. That is, it states that every automorphism satisfying the first automorphism property (i.e., universal power automorphism) need not satisfy the second automorphism property (i.e., IA-automorphism)
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A universal power automorphism of a group (i.e., an automorphism obtained by taking the n^{th} power for some integer n) need not be an IA-automorphism: it need not preserve the cosets of the commutator subgroup (i.e., it need not be identity on the Abelianization).

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Example of an Abelian group

Consider the cyclic group of order p, where p is an odd prime. The inverse map is a universal power automorphism of this group, and is not the identity map. Since the group is Abelian, it equals its Abelianization, so we have a universal power automorphism that does not fix every element of the Abelianization.