Unipotent algebraic group

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This article defines a property that can be evaluated for an algebraic group. it is probably not a property that can directly be evaluated, or make sense, for an abstract group|View other properties of algebraic groups


Definition for linear algebraic group

A unipotent linear algebraic group is a linear algebraic group in which every element is a unipotent element.

Definition for affine algebraic group

A unipotent affine algebraic group is an affine algebraic group that becomes a unipotent linear algebraic group under the natural interpretation of the affine algebraic group as a linear algebraic group.

Relation with group properties

In the finite-dimensional case, any unipotent algebraic group is a nilpotent group, and in the linear case, the order of matrices used (i.e., the dimension of the vector space being acted upon) is an upper bound on the nilpotency class (in fact, the nilpotency class must be strictly less than the order of matrices).