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This article describes the current status of a documentation effort within groupprops. The page is supposed to be regularly updated as the current status changes

Subgroup properties is one of the stronger-developed partsof groupprops, and is comparatively an area that has been focussed on so far.

This page describes the documentation for subgroup properties. This includes:

  • Articles on individual subgroup properties
  • Proofs of subgroup property implications and other facts regarding subgroup properties
  • Other related topics such as subgroup metaproperties, subgroup property modifiers etc.

Format for subgroup property articles

Current format

To begin with, the wiki started without any definite format, just providing a definition and making some comments. However, to maintain uniforminty across articles, the following format decisions have been made:

Content efforts

Efforts at putting in content have been in several directions. Some of these are listed below.

Putting in the definitions of subgroup properties

The first step into putting more content into subgroup properties has been to plug in more and more subgroup properties. A combination of many standard sources is being used for the purpose. Initially, we started out by putting the more basic of the subgroup properties, which are covered under:

In parallel with this, subgroup properties were collected from diverse sources, including papers in journals (both from the print and the online versions).