Stability automorphism of subnormal series

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Symbol-free definition

An automorphism of a group is said to be a stability automorphism with respect to a subnormal series if it induces the identity map on each successive quotient for the subnormal series.

The stability automorphisms of any fixed subnormal series form a group, called the stability group of that subnormal series. This group lives as a subgroup of the automorphism group.

Definition with symbols

An automorphism \sigma of a group G is termed a stability automorphism with respect to the subnormal series:

\{ e \} = H_0 \triangleleft H_1 \triangleleft \ldots \triangleleft H_n = G

if \sigma(H_ix) = H_ix for any x \in H_{i+1}, or equivalently, \sigma acts as identity on H_{i+1}/H_i.

(An analogous definition can be given for subnormal series indexed by infinite sets).