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1-automorphism-invariant subgroup
Abelian normal subgroup
Amalgam-characteristic subgroup
Amalgam-normal-subhomomorph-containing subgroup
Amalgam-strictly characteristic subgroup
Autoclinism-invariant subgroup
Bound-word subgroup
Center-fixing automorphism-balanced subgroup
Center-fixing automorphism-invariant subgroup
Central factor
Central subgroup
Characteristic central factor
Characteristic subgroup
Characteristic subgroup of direct factor
Characteristic transitively normal subgroup
Characteristic-potentially characteristic subgroup
Characteristically complemented characteristic subgroup
Class two normal subgroup
Cofactorial automorphism-invariant subgroup
Commutator-in-center subgroup
Complemented central factor
Complemented characteristic subgroup
Complemented fully invariant subgroup
Complemented homomorph-containing subgroup
Complemented normal subgroup
Complemented transitively normal subgroup
Complete characteristic subgroup
Complete direct factor
Conjugacy-closed normal subgroup
Coprime automorphism-faithful normal subgroup
Coprime automorphism-invariant normal subgroup
Cyclic isomorph-containing subgroup
Cyclic normal subgroup
Dedekind normal subgroup
Direct factor
Direct factor over central subgroup
Divisible normal subgroup
Elementary abelian normal subgroup
Endoclinism-invariant subgroup
Endomorphism kernel
Epimarginal subgroup
Finite direct power-closed characteristic subgroup
Finite normal subgroup
Finitely generated normal subgroup
Free-quotient subgroup
Fully invariant subgroup
Fully invariant-potentially fully invariant subgroup
Hall-relatively weakly closed subgroup
Hereditarily normal subgroup
Homocyclic normal subgroup
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