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This is a questions page on characteristic subgroup, listing common questions that may occur both to people encountering the definition for the first time and to people who have spent some time with the definition.

In addition to reading these questions, you should read: characteristic subgroup (the main page on the topic).

Also see facts about characteristic subgroups, facts that prove that a subgroup is characteristic, and facts that use that a subgroup is characteristic.

 Question aboutQuestion type
Characteristic subgroup definableCharacteristic subgroupcomplete description conjecture
Characteristic subgroup other isomorphic subgroupsCharacteristic subgroupcomplete description conjecture
Normal subgroup characteristic in bigger groupNormal subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
Normal subgroup characteristic subgroup invariance confusionNormal subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
relation between two concepts
Normal subgroup characteristic subgroup relationNormal subgroup
Characteristic subgroup
relation between two concepts