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Solvability of groups of odd order by Walter Feit and John Griggs Thompson, Pacific Journal of Mathematics, Volume 13, Page 775 - 1029(Year 1963): This 255-page long paper gives a proof that odd-order implies solvable: any odd-order group (i.e., any finite group whose order is odd) is a solvable group.Project Euclid page

Title of the paper: Solvability of groups of odd order

Authors: Walter Feit (Find other works by this author) and John Griggs Thompson (Find other works by this author)

Year of publication: 1963
MSC Primary Classification: 20.40
MSC Secondary Classification: 20.25
Journal of publication: ,Volume 13, 775 - 1029
MathReviews number: 0166261 (Mathscinet page) (More information on MathReviews numbers)
Zentralblatt number: 0124.26402 (Zentralblatt page)
Project Euclid number: 1103053943 (Project Euclid page)