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AG98Limits of abelian subgroups of finite p-groupsJonathan Lazare Alperin
George Isaac Glauberman
AGV12Kesten's theorem for Invariant Random SubgroupsMiklos Abert
Yair Glasner
Balint Virag
AlmostsimplegenerationGeneration of almost simple groupsFrancesca Dalla Volta
Andrea Lucchini
AlononSnevilyAdditive Latin transversalsNoga Alon
AlperinLargeAbelianLarge abelian subgroups of p-groupsJonathan Lazare Alperin
AschbacherGuralnickSome applications of the first cohomology groupMichael Aschbacher
Robert M. Guralnick
BMRAlgGeomGroupsAlgebraic Geometry over Groups I. Algebraic Sets and Ideal TheoryGilbert Baumslag
Alexei Myasnikov
Vladimir Remeslennikov
BabaiBeals1A polyomial-time theory of black-box groups ILaszlo Babai
Robert Beals
Baer44The higher commutator subgroups of a groupReinhold Baer
BaerextensionsandcorrespondenceGroups with Abelian Central Quotient GroupReinhold Baer
Bagnerap^5classificationLa composizione dei Gruppi finiti il cui grado è la quinta potenza di un numero primoG. Bagnera
BaumslaguniqueSome aspects of groups with unique rootsGilbert Baumslag
BaumslagwreathWreath products and p-groupsGilbert Baumslag
BenderonThompsonÜber den grössten p'-Normalteiler in p-auflösbaren GruppenHelmut Bender
Berkovich02On subgroups and epimorphic images of finite p-groupsYakov Berkovich
BeylisoclinismsIsoclinisms of group extensions and the Schur multiplicatorF.R. Beyl
Blackburn61Generalizations of certain elementary theorems on p-groupsNormal Blackburn
BoyarchenkoSabitovaKirillovThe orbit method for profinite groups and a p-adic analogue of Brown's theoremMitya Boyarchenko
Maria Sabitova
BryantverbalThe verbal topology of a groupRoger M. Bryant
BumaginWiseEvery group is the outer automorphism group of a finitely generated groupInna Bumagin
Daniel T. Wise
BurnsEllis97On the nilpotent multipliers of a groupJohn Burns
Graham Ellis
Burnside13On the outer automorphisms of a groupWilliam Burnside
Burnside95Notes on the theory of groups of finite orderWilliam Burnside
Burnsidep^aq^bOn groups of order p^alpha q^betaWilliam Burnside
CDRonBurnsideA note on Burnside's other p^aq^b-theoremMartin Coates
John Scott Rose
Michael Dwan
CameronpowergraphThe power graph of a finite group, IIPeter J. Cameron
Carteronselfnormalizingsubgroups1Nilpotent self-normalizing subgroups of soluble groupsRoger W. Carter
Carteronselfnormalizingsubgroups2Nilpotent self-normalizing subgroups and system normalizersRoger W. Carter
Cayley54Arthur Cayley
ChermakDelgadoA measuring argument for finite groupsAndrew Chermak
Alberto Delgado
Commutativityratios-restrictionsRestrictions on commutativity ratios in finite groupsR. Heffernan
D. Machale
A. Ni. She
CorneronPierceOn a conjecture of Pierce concerning direct decomposition of Abelian groupsA.L.S. Corner
DFZ4atomNon-Shannon Information Inequalities in Four Random VariablesRandall Dougherty
Chris Freiling
Kenneth Zeger
DKSSzonSnevilyTranversals of additive Latin squaresSamit Dasgupta
Gyula Károlyi
Oriol Serra
DiaconisIsaacsSupercharacters and superclasses for algebra groupsPersi Diaconis
I. Martin Isaacs
DuSautoynilpotentgroupCounting subgroups in nilpotent groups and points on elliptic curvesMarcus du Sautoy
DurbinMcDonaldGroups with a characteristic cyclic seriesJohn R. Durbin
Merry McDonald
EckmannHiltonStammbachOn the homology theory of central group extensions: I—The commutator map and stem extensionsBeno Eckmann
Peter J. Hilton
Urs Stammbach
Ellis57Locally compact transformation groupsRobert Ellis
Ellis87The non-abelian tensor product of finite groups is finiteGraham Ellis
Ellis93On five well-known commutator identitiesGraham Ellis
EllistensorproductofLieringsA non-abelian tensor product of Lie algebrasGraham J. Ellis
EnumeratingpgroupsEnumerating p-groupsBettina Eick
E. A. O'Brien
FeitThompsonSolvability of groups of odd orderWalter Feit
John Griggs Thompson
FeitThompsonAnnouncementA solvability criterion for finite groups and some consequencesWalter Feit
John Griggs Thompson
Foguel-CCPGroups with all cyclic subgroups conjugate-permutable groupsTuval Foguel
Foguel-CPConjugate-permutable subgroupsTuval Foguel
FongIsaacsNavarro03The Isaacs–Navarro conjecture for symmetric groupsPaul Fong