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Welcome to Groupprops (the Group Properties Wiki)!

Groupprops is a group theory wiki which is currently in the pre-alpha stage where all the editing, management and control are being done by Vipul Naik, a first-year Ph.D. student in mathematics at the University of Chicago.

Using Groupprops

  • How do I use groupprops?

To learn how to look up specific stuff on Groupprops, refer definition lookup and fact lookup.

Our guided tours can help you get started around the wiki, or you could try a random page.

  • What can I expect to get out of groupprops?

Quick access to definitions, facts, proofs; insight into the connections between a number of things you may have seen earlier, and a lot of fun as you explore along.

We realize that Groupprops, as it stands now, is very low on expository content and explanations; this is because we have been busy so far placing a solid structure of definitions and facts. More survey articles, topic articles, and explanatory content will be coming up in the future.

  • Is groupprops reliable at the moment?

No! Many of the articles on the wiki have been read by only one person, and there is a significant amount of terminology that is not standard in the mathematical community (though none that conflicts with standard terminology).

Further information: Groupprops:Hazards

Also, please see Category:Groupprops conventions for conventions followed on the wiki.

What is Groupprops?

  • What is groupprops all about?

Groupprops is intended as a dynamic repository of definitions, facts and proofs related to groups, subgroups, automorphisms, representations, and other constructions associated with groups. It is intended as a one-stop shop for basic information in all areas directly within group theory and a few areas outside.

Check out Groupprops:Purpose statement for an idea of the purpose behind Groupprops.

  • What are the principles behind the organization of groupprops?

Groupprops is based on the property-theoretic paradigm of organization. See Category:Groupprops organizational principles for more details.

How does one contribute?

  • I want to contribute to Groupprops? How do I do so?

Check out Groupprops:How to contribute

Are there related wikis on other topics?

Yes, but in an even more raw state. Check out: