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This article is about the groupprops wiki itself

This article is about the hazards of using Groupprops.

Factual incompleteness and inaccuracy

Many Groupprops articles are left incomplete and hanging-around. The problems are discussed below.

Articles that are incomplete for their main purpose

For definition articles (viz articles that define some term) where the definition is itself incomplete, we use Template:Incomplete definition. This makes the following text appear:

This definition article is incomplete in an important respect; parts of the definition may not have been filled in, or may be inaccurate

The list of incomplete definition articles is available at Category:Incomplete definition articles.

Similarly, the template for fact articles is Template:Incomplete fact and the category is Category:Incomplete fact articles.

Note the following:

  • There are many incomplete definition/fact articles that are not marked as incomplete definition/fact articles. This is because the template was introduced recently.
  • A definition/fact article is not considered incomplete if at least one complete and correct formulation of the definition/fact is presented. It is only considered incomplete if there is no complete definition or statement.
  • The development of other sections of the article is not considered for this label. In other words, an article with a complete and correct definition, but with no other section, will not be marked as incomplete.

Articles with other parts missing

Terminology local to the wiki

Further information: Groupprops:Terminology local to the wiki