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Lookup help

Want to look up something? In the left column, you'll find a box with lookup on top. Listed under that are six lookup categories. Get help on each of them:

  • Help:Definition lookup: This gives help on Terms/definitions, which covers definition articles. These are articles defining and giving important information about a mathematical term.
  • Help:Fact lookup: This gives help on Facts/theorems, which cover fact articles. These are articles giving the statement, and possibly proof of a fact in mathematics.
  • Help:Survey article lookup: This gives help on looking up Survey articles. These are artciles surveying a particular idea, which could be related to how a theorem is usually applied, how two concepts are similar or different, or what are the typical variations on an important idea.
  • Help:Real-world entity lookup: Real-world entities are entities that do not live inside mathematics, but in the real world. This includes persons, books, conferences, papers, and journals.
  • Help:Property-theoretic lookup: This gives help on looking up property-theoretic. The property-theoretic paradigm of organization focuses on what things are properties of what things. For instance, being prime is a property of natural numbers.
  • Help:Add-on lookup: This includes a lot of add-on stuff to t he wiki, like guided tours, problems pages, entertainment articles, and other resources for readers.

Search help

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