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The Searchbox is a feature you'll find in many Groupprops articles, usually towards the end of the article, in the External Links section. The Searchbox gives a suggested search phrase and offers links for searching on this phrase in diverse resources, including encyclopedias, discussion fora, books, and other math wikis. This article describes how you can use the Searchbox more effectively.

As of now, the Searchbox only offers the option of searching on the standard search phrase that is suggested in the article. However, after clicking and getting the initial set of search results, you can modify the search phrase to get results closer to what you're looking for. We plan to add greater functionality into the searchbox so that you can modify the search terms more easily before getting started. The initial search term is usually chosen to get the maximum of relevant and the minimum of superfluous results.

Below is a discussion of all the options offered by the Searchbox.

Scholarly articles

Google Scholar

Further information: Help:Using Google Scholar

This returns those scholarly articles or published papers that have been indexed by Google, and contain the relevant search terms or phrase. After reaching the Google Scholar page, you can modify the search term to get a better match.


Further information: Help:Using JSTOR