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This article is about a type of article on Groupprops

A survey article in Groupprops is intended to explore, or provide a survey of past exploration, in an idea, principle, technique, method, or a bunch of correlations between existing concepts.

General information on survey articles

Survey articles do not have such definitive guidelines on their structure or organization the way definition and fact articles do. The structure and layout depends largely on the kind of topic being surveyed and the kind of survey we are doing. Among all the article types in Groupprops, survey articles come closest to essays, or articles, in the more usual English sense.

Nonetheless, the following guidelines should be observed for survey articles:

  • Survey articles are still written in the third person. In fact, they follow the same guidelines for person, tense and voice that other articles do.
  • Most survey articles survey only a particular aspect of a term or concept, and they are not to be used as substitutes for textbook chapters. Thus, historical information is by and large restricted to historical survey articles, whiel information on proof techniques (beyond a very rudimentary idea) is restricted to proof technique survey articles.

Classification and categorization of survey articles

Survey article types

Important survey article types are:

Related terms to a survey article

One of the purposes of putting up survey articles was to delegate a lot of stuff outside of the definition article and put it at a place where proper development of ideas is possible. This purpose is lost if it is not easy to go between the definition article and the related survey articles. To facilitate this, all survey articles related to a particular topic in put in a category titled Survey articles related to that topic. A survey article may be related to multiple topics, in which case it occurs in the erlated-to categories for each of those.

Article-tagging templates

Survey articles (like other kinds of articles) begin with one or more article-tagging templates, that describe the type of survey article, and the topics/terms to which the survey is related.

Further information: Groupprops:Survey article-tagging templates