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Most narratives follow one of these six styles:

  • first-person singular (I)
  • first-person plural (we)
  • second-person singular (you)
  • second-person plural (you)
  • third-person singular
  • third-person plural

Groupprops articles are by default written in the first-person plural (we). The only exceptions are articles that are explicitly written in first-person singular. These articles are typically written by a particular person and the name of the person is written on top of the wiki. Articles written by a particular person are only permitted under the project page, viz for articles beginning with "Groupprops:".

One can use first-person singular when posting comments on the talk page.

However, as explained in Groupprops:Voice, most of Groupprops sentences are rendered in passive voice so that the use of any person is minimized.