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Searching for something?

Listed below are some alternatives to using the search bar.

Theme-based search

Suppose you know that the term you are looking for is related to a particular theme. Then, you can try to locate the term in the category affiliated to that theme. To figure out the theme, check out:


The category of terms (respectively facts) for a given theme is named Terms related to themename or Facts related to themename. You can take a listing of this whole category to search.

Alternatively, you can restrict search to items within this category.

You can also combine this with other search criteria. To do so, in addition to whatever other text you are searching for, add the legend "termrelatedto|themename". However, this may not give all finds because other templates may be used for inclusion in the given theme.

Learn more about theme-based organization in Groupprops.

Some worked-out examples are given below.


Search based on property organization

Groupprops is based on the property-theoretic paradigm of organization. You can utilize this structure very effectively to locate stuff in Groupprops, once you get used to it. Read more at Groupprops:Property definition lookup and the like.