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This article describes an organization principle behind Groupprops, as well as the implementation of the principle in this wiki

Groups are encountered by many different people: representation theorists, combinatorial group theorists, geometric group theorists, universal algebraists, model theorists, finite group theorists, and what not. The idea behind theme-based organization is to make each person interested only in a particular theme, concentrate on the available material in that particular theme rather than get inundated by material from all across group theory.

The idea behind themes

What is a theme?

The term theme is not rigourously defined, and may be dependent on historical development, current research patterns, and amount of data and facts known or available in the area. Typically a theme in Groupprops could be:

  • An unsolved problem that has amassed a lot of theory and ideas around it
  • A solved problem or effort that amassed a lot of theories and ideas around it during the solution attempt
  • A separate subject (usually with terms and definitions of its own) that links up to group theory. Often the terms and definitinos in the link may not be well-known to those working only in group theory, or those working only in the other subject
  • A paradigm of ideas that has developed to understand a certain kind of object more deeply

A full listing of themes is available at Category:Themes.

The mechanics behind using themes

Theme inclusion templates

  • For terms/definitions, use the template termrelatedto followed by the precise name of the theme.
  • For facts, use the template factrelatedto followed by the precise name of the theme.