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Definition articles

Definition articles in Groupprops begin with a section labelled "History". This usually begins with a subsection titled Origin.

The format of the Origin section is as follows:

  • If there is a clear distinction between origin of the concept and origin of the term, then these are put as separate subsections. Otherwise there is a single subsection.
  • While describing the origin, the following details must be given: name of the person who first used/popularized the concept/term, the context in which this was done, the year when it was done, and the publication/conference where this happened.

The Origin subsection may be followed by other subsections that briefly provide the trajectory of development of the concept and term.

Templates typically used in this section are:

The usage is as follows: {{term introduced by|Galois}}.

Further details, links etc. can be put in the references and external links sections.

Fact articles

fact articles in Groupprops begin with a section labelled "History". This may have the following subsections:

  • History of the statement which describes when the statement was originally formulated (as a conjecture, open problem etc.)
  • History of the proof which describes when the proof of the statement was given. If there were multiple proofs, information on each of them may be given.
  • Further developments/applications which describes how the ressult and its proof have helped in further developments in the subject.

The first two subsections may be clubbed if the formulation and proof of the statement happened simultaneously.

To learn more about how you can help with Groupprops' efforts to keep its History sections in good shape, check out Groupprops:Helping with history.