Frattini-embedded normal-realizable group

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This article defines a group property: a property that can be evaluated to true/false for any given group, invariant under isomorphism
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This term is related to the problem of realization related to the following subgroup-defining function: Frattini subgroup
Realization problems are usually about which groups can be realized as subgroups/quotients related to a subgroup-defining function.
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A group N is termed Frattini-embedded normal-realizable if there exists a group G and an embedding of N in G such that N is a Frattini-embedded normal subgroup of G. In other words, N is a normal subgroup and NH is a proper subgroup of G for any proper subgroup H of G.

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This group property is not subgroup-closed, viz., we can have a group satisfying the property, with a subgroup not satisfying the property


This group property is not quotient-closed, viz., we could have a group with the property and a quotient group of that group that does not have the property

Characteristic subgroups

This group property is characteristic subgroup-closed: any characteristic subgroup of a group with the property, also has the property
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