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ANALOGY: This is an analogue in [[{{{new generic context}}}]] of a property encountered in [[{{{old generic context}}}]]. Specifically, it is a [[{{{new specific context}}} property]] analogous to the [[{{{old specific context}}} property]]: {{{old property}}}
View other analogues of {{{old property}}}
Property "Analogue of" (as page type) with input value "{{{old property}}}" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process.
| [[:Category:Analogues in {{{new generic context}}}s of {{{old specific context}}} properties|View other analogues in {{{new generic context}}}s of {{{old specific context}}} properties]] (OR,
  • The part "]]" of the query was not understood. Results might not be as expected.
  • Some subquery has no valid condition.