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ANALOGY: This is an analogue in hypergroup of a property encountered in group. Specifically, it is a subhypergroup property analogous to the subgroup property: normal subgroup
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The term supernormal subhypergroup was introduced by Bloom and Heyer in their paper Cpnvergence of convolution products of probability measures on hypergroups.


A subhypergroup H of a hypergroup K is said to be supernormal if x * H * \overline{x} = H for every element x \in K.


The subhypergroup property of being supernormal is analogous to the subgroup property of being normal, as per the following definition: a subgroup H of a groupK is said to be normal if xHx^{-1} = H for any x \in K.

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  • Connectivity and supernormality results for hypergroups by Richard C. Vrem, Math. Z. 1987