Groups of order 256

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This article gives information about, and links to more details on, groups of order 256
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Statistics at a glance

Note that since prime power order implies nilpotent, and 256 = 2^8 is a prime power, all groups of order 256 are nilpotent.

Quantity Value Greatest integer function of logarithm of value to base 2 Explanation for value
Number of groups up to isomorphism 56092 15
Number of abelian groups up to isomorphism 22 4 Equal to the number of unordered integer partitions of 8, see classification of finite abelian groups
Number of groups of class exactly two up to isomorphism 31742 14
Number of groups of class exactly three up to isomorphism 21325 14
Number of groups of class exactly four up to isomorphism 2642 11
Number of groups of class exactly five up to isomorphism 320 8
Number of groups of class exactly six up to isomorphism 38 5
Number of groups of class exactly seven up to isomorphism, i.e., maximal class groups 3 1 classification of finite 2-groups of maximal class. For order 2^n, n \ge 4, there are exactly three maximal class groups: dihedral, semidihedral, and generalized quaternion. For order 256, the groups are: dihedral group:D256, semidihedral group:SD256, and generalized quaternion group:Q256.


GAP implementation

The order 256 is part of GAP's SmallGroup library. Hence, any group of order 256 can be constructed using the SmallGroup function by specifying its group ID. Also, IdGroup is available, so the group ID of any group of this order can be queried.

Further, the collection of all groups of order 256 can be accessed as a list using GAP's AllSmallGroups function. However, the list size may be too large relative to the memory allocation given in typical GAP installations. To overcome this problem, use the IdsOfAllSmallGroups function which stores and manipulates only the group IDs, not the groups themselves.

Here is GAP's summary information about how it stores groups of this order, accessed using GAP's SmallGroupsInformation function:

gap> SmallGroupsInformation(256);

  There are 56092 groups of order 256.
  They are sorted by their ranks.
     1 is cyclic.
     2 - 541 have rank 2.
     542 - 6731 have rank 3.
     6732 - 26972 have rank 4.
     26973 - 55625 have rank 5.
     55626 - 56081 have rank 6.
     56082 - 56091 have rank 7.
     56092 is elementary abelian.

  For the selection functions the values of the following attributes
  are precomputed and stored:
     IsAbelian, PClassPGroup, RankPGroup, FrattinifactorSize and

  This size belongs to layer 2 of the SmallGroups library.
  IdSmallGroup is available for this size.