Groups of order 2048

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This article gives information about, and links to more details on, groups of order 2048
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Statistics at a glance

Since 2048 = 2^{11} is a prime power, and prime power order implies nilpotent, all groups of this order are nilpotent groups.

Quantity Value Explanation
Number of groups up to isomorphism unknown, but very large (insert order of magnitude estimate)
Number of abelian groups up to isomorphism 56 Equals the number of unordered integer partitions of 11. See also classification of finite abelian groups.
Number of maximal class groups, i.e., groups of nilpotency class 11 - 1 = 10 3 The dihedral group, semidihedral group, and generalized quaternion group

GAP implementation

Unfortunately, GAP's SmallGroup library is not available for this order, because the groups have not yet been classified. However individual groups of this order can be constructed with GAP using their presentations or using other means of constructing groups.