Element structure of general linear group of degree four over a finite field

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This article gives specific information, namely, element structure, about a family of groups, namely: general linear group of degree four.
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This article discusses the element structure of the general linear group of degree four over a finite field.

We denote by q the size of the field and by p the prime number that is the characteristic of the field. q is a prime power with underlying prime p.


Item Value
order of the group (q^4 - 1)(q^4 - q)(q^4 - q^2)(q^4 - q^3) = q^6(q^4 - 1)(q^3 - 1)(q^2 - 1)(q - 1). In factored form over the rationals, this is q^6(q-1)^4(q+1)^2(q^2 + 1)(q^2 + q + 1)
number of conjugacy classes q^4 - q = q(q^3 - 1) = q(q - 1)(q^2 + q + 1)
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