Degree of irreducible representation is bounded by index of abelian subgroup

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In characteristic zero

Suppose G is a finite group, K is a splitting field for G of characteristic zero, and H is an abelian subgroup of G. Then, the Degrees of irreducible representations (?) of G over K are all at most equal to the index [G:H].

General case

Since degrees of irreducible representations are the same for all splitting fields, the truth of the statement for splitting fields in characteristic zero implies its truth for splitting fields in any characteristic not dividing the order of the group.

Related facts

Facts used

  1. Maximum degree of irreducible representation of group is less than or equal to product of maximum degree of irreducible representation of subgroup and index of subgroup (this, as stated, requires characteristic zero)
  2. Abelian implies every irreducible representation is one-dimensional (this requires us to be over a splitting field)


The proof follows directly from Facts (1) and (2).