Chevalley group of type B:B3(3)

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This group is defined as B_3(3), the Chevalley group of type B and parameter value 3 for field:F3. Explicitly, it is the kernel of the spinor norm map from special orthogonal group:SO(7,3).

It is an example of a simple non-abelian group that is not the only simple non-abelian group of its order. There are at most two finite simple groups of any order. The other group in this case is projective symplectic group:PSp(6,3), which in the Chevalley notation is C_3(3). In general, B_n(q) and C_n(q) have the same order, but are isomorphic only if n = 2 or q is a prime power.

Arithmetic functions

Want to compare and contrast arithmetic function values with other groups of the same order? Check out groups of order 4585351680#Arithmetic functions
Function Value Similar groups Explanation
order (number of elements, equivalently, cardinality or size of underlying set) 4585351680 groups with same order As B_m(q), m= 3, q = 3: q^{m^2} [\prod_{i=1}^m (q^{2i} - 1)]/\operatorname{gcd}(2,q-1) which becomes 3^9(3^2 - 1)(3^4 - 1)(3^6 - 1)/\operatorname{gcd}(2,2) = (19683)(8)(80)(728)/2 = 4585351680

GAP implementation

Description Functions used
DerivedSubgroup(SO(7,3)) DerivedSubgroup, SO