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This article is about a type of user of Groupprops

A beginner is one of the target user profiles for the Groupprops wiki.

Characterization of beginners

Most beginners to group theory are people doing a first course in group theory. Usually group theory may be part of a first course in abstract algebra.

People doing a first course in group theory or abstract algebra usually:

  • Have a grounding in elementary algebra and the use of symbols
  • Have no prior exposure to abstract algebra

Apart from people starting out with a formal course, beginners may also include people from other disciplines who want an overview of group theory. We are trying to develop separate usertypes for them.

Requirements of beginners

As a beginner, you may want:

  • Quick and easy access to the definitions of basic terms
  • Some introductory/survey articles on aspects of group theory to provide motivation for them
  • A quick way to hunt out the statement and proof of any important result
  • A way to understand how the basic facts and definitions in group theory are arranged and organized

Resources for beginners

A guided tour

A special guided tour for beginners is available at:

Difficulty-based organization

If you, as a beginner, do not want to be inundated with the wealth of articles in group theory, and would like to concentrat on the basic ones, you can focus on:

If you want to check out for proofs of riders/exercises, you may want to check out:

Feedback from beginners