Adjoint group structures for cyclic group:Z4

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This article gives specific information, namely, adjoint group structures, about a particular group, namely: cyclic group:Z4.
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There exist two ways of making cyclic group:Z4 into the adjoint group of a radical ring. One of these makes it an algebra group. The other simply uses a ring with the same additive group.


Radical ring Additive group Simplest commutative unital rings over which it is an algebra Maximum of element nilpotencies Nilpotency index of whole ring
nilpotent over field:F2, where one basis element squares to the other and all basis products are zero (see algebra group structures for cyclic group:Z4) Klein four-group field:F2 3 3
has additive group cyclic group:Z4, multiplication is identically zero cyclic group:Z4 ring:Z4 2 2