Peter Ludwig Mejdell Sylow

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This article is about a Norwegian group theorist (a Norwegian person working in group theory)

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Personal details

Peter Ludwig Mejdell Sylow (12 December 1832 - 7 September 1918) was a Norwegian mathematician who worked in group theory. He was born and died at Christiana (Oslo).

Professional details

  • 1858 - 1862: School teacher in Frederickshald
  • 1862: Substitute lecturer in Christiana University


Sylow's theorems

Further information: Sylow's theorem While a substitute lecturer at Christiana University, Sylow posed some questions that led to the notion of Sylow subgroup. In 1872, he published a paper describing the Sylow's theorems, which state that for any finite group G:

  • There exist p-Sylow subgroups for any p dividing the order of G
  • The p-Sylow subgroups are all conjugate and the number of such subgroups is 1 modulo p
  • Any p-subgroup is contained in a p-Sylow subgroup

Editing work

Along with Sophus Lie, Sylow worked on editing the papers of of Abel.

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