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{{quotation|Welcome to '''Groupprops (The Group Properties Wiki)'''. This is a pre-alpha stage group theory wiki primarily managed by [[User:Vipul|Vipul Naik]], a Ph.D. student in Mathematics at the University of Chicago. We have nearly 1500 articles including most material in basic group theory}}
{{quotation|Special introductions for: [[Groupprops:Introduction for group theorists|group theorists]] and [[Groupprops:Introduction for teachers|teachers]]}}
{{quotation|'''Articles of the day''':<br>[[Permutable subgroup]] ('''DEFINITION''' [[Permutable subgroup]]): a subgroup that commutes with every other subgroup. May not be [[normal subgroup|normal]]<br>'''FACT''' [[Union of all conjugates is proper|the The union of all conjugates of a subgroup in a finite group, can never be the whole group]]<br>('''SURVEY ARTICLEFACT''' ) <br>[[Nilpotent versus solvable]]('''SURVEY ARTICLE'''): There are important differences between a [[nilpotent group]] and a [[solvable group]]}}
'''What we are''': Eventually, a complete and reliable reference for group theory. For now, an exciting place to read definitions and facts of group theory, and navigate the relationships between them
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