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Tour:Getting started (beginners)

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Part two
* [[Guided tour for beginners:Equality of left and right neutral element|Equality of left and right neutral element]]
* [[Guided tour for beginners:Equality of left and right inverses|Equality of left and right inverses]]
* [[Guided tour for beginners:Equivalence of definitions of group|Equivalence of definitions of group]]* [[Guided tour for beginners:Invertible implies cancellative|Invertible implies cancellative]]* [[Guided tour for beginners:Associative binary operation|Associative binary operation]]* [[Guided tour for beginners:Finite group|Finite group]]* [[Guided tour for beginners:Subsemigroup of finite group is subgroup|Subsemigroup of finite group is subgroup]]* [[Guided tour for beginners:Sufficiency of subgroup criterion|Sufficiency of subgroup criterion]]* [[Guided tour for beginners:Manipulating equations in groups|Manipulating equations in groups]]
Continue to [[Guided tour for beginners:Group|the definition of a group]]
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