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Locally cyclic group

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Weaker properties
| [[Stronger than::abelian group]] || any two elements commute || [[locally cyclic implies abelian]] || [[abelian not implies locally cyclic]] || {{intermediate notions short|abelian group|locally cyclic group}}
| [[Stronger than::epabelian group]] || abelian and the Schur multiplier is trivial || [[locally cyclic implies epabelian]] || || {{intermediate notions short|epabelian group|locally cyclic group}}
| [[Stronger than::group whose automorphism group is abelian]] || automorphism group is abelian || [[locally cyclic implies abelian automorphism group]] || [[abelian and abelian automorphism group not implies locally cyclic]] || {{intermediate notions short|aut-abelian group|locally cyclic group}}
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