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Unitriangular matrix group:UT(3,p)

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{{further|[[Subgroup structure of prime-cube order unitriangular matrix group:UUT(3,p)]]}}
Here is the complete list of subgroups{{#lst# The trivial subgroup (1)# The center, which is a group structure of order <math>p</math>. In unitriangular matrix terms, this is the subgroup comprising matrices <math>a_{ij}</math> with <math>a_{12} = a_{23} = 0</math>. group:UT(1)# Subgroups of order <math>p</math> generated by non-central elements. These are not normal3, and occur in conjugacy classes of size <math>p</math>. (<math>p(p+1)</math>)# Subgroups of order <math>p^2</math> containing the center. These are the inverse images via the quotient map by the center, of subgroups of order <math>p</math> in the [[inner automorphism group]]. (<math>p + 1</math>)# The whole group. (1) {{normal subgroups}} The subgroups in (1), (2), (4) and (5) above are normal. {{characteristic subgroups|summary}} The subgroups in (1), (2) and (5) above are normal. In other words, there are only three characteristic subgroups. Some notable facts: * The group is [[characteristic-comparable group|characteristic-comparable]]: any two characteristic subgroups can be compared* More generally, any characteristic subgroup and any normal subgroup can be compared.* The characteristic subgroups are precisely the subgroups that occur in the [[derived series]], [[upper central series]] and [[lower central series]].
==Linear representation theory==
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