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Simple fusion system for dihedral group:D8

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Realization in groups
==Realization in groups==
This simple fusion system is realized for the embedding {| class="sortable" border="1"! Group !! Order !! [[Dihedral group:D8 in PSL(3,2)]]. The as a subgroup of this group !! Comment|-| [[projective special linear group:PSL(3,2)]], which is isomorphic to <math>(same as PSL(2,7)</math>) || 168 || [[D8 in PSL(3, is a simple non-abelian group 2)]] || example of smallest order 168 that has , but not the only ''minimal'' example|-| [[dihedral alternating group:A6]] || 360 || [[D8in A6]] as || also a 2-Sylow subgroup.''minimal'' example|}
==Element structure==
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