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Over an abelian group
The homology groups with coefficients in an abelian group <math>M</math> are given as follows. Here, <math>M/pM</math> is the quotient of <math>M</math> by <math>pM = \{ px \mid x \in M \}</math> and <math>\operatorname{Ann}_M(p) = \{ x \in M \mid px = 0 \}</math>:
<math>H_q(\mathbb{Z}/p\mathbb{Z} \oplus \mathbb{Z}/p\mathbb{Z};M) = \left\lbrace\begin{array}{rl} (M/pM)^{(q+3)/2} \oplus (\operatorname{Ann}_M(p))^{(q-1)/2}, & \qquad q = 1,3,5,\dots\\ (M/pM)^{q/2} \oplus (\operatorname{Ann}_M(p))^{(q+2)/2}, & \qquad q = 2,4,6,\dots \\ M, & \qquad q = 0\\\end{array}\right.</math>
These homology groups can be computed in terms of the homology groups over integers using the [[universal coefficients theorem for group homology]].
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