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Account creation: why and how?
* ''How do I find content on this site?''
'''Search''' is the key tool. Just start typing what you're looking for in the search bar. The search engine is not very intelligent, but there are a number of tweaks we have made to it to get you more quickly to the pages you are looking for. See [[Help:Search shortcuts]].
In addition, you can use the '''Lookup''' links on the left sidebar and explore the site in a structured, category tree fashion. This is not very useful because the site has too much content.
Finally, you can browse, clicking on links from one page to the another.
The site also has powerful semantic search capabilities, but these are not very intuitive for casual visitors. However, many links within pages are semantically generated, and by clicking on these links, you can view and modify the semantic queries.
We strive for maximal accuracy, but a lot of content has not been proofread carefully, and the complexity and quantity of content make errors inevitable.
If you think you've found an error, report it in this short [ external anonymous survey]. You can also view a log of some past errors (that stayed on the site for a nontrivial length of time before being fixed) at the [[Groupprops:Error log|error log page]].
If you create a login, you can track the error log page and hence be notified when an error (satisfying some criteria) is corrected on the site.
The site is ''mostly'' error-free. Generally, errors are unlikely to be present in the overall flow and gist but may exist in small details such as missing elements from lists, typographical errors in numbers (a 7 instead of an 8), poorly rendered math, etc.
If you're a newcomer to the subject, scrolling through the pages should give you a fairly good idea of the material, and the minor errors (to the extent they exist) probably won't affect you at all since they'll be in details you will not pay much attention to anyway. If you're experienced in the subject, the errors will probably be things you will confidently catch if you notice them, and are unlikely to mislead you.
In most cases, we strive to provide clear explanations and justifications for all statements. For statements that lack justifications, take with a pinch of salt. For any statement that seems fishy, click through on links to further elaboration and see if that further elaboration checks it out. In many cases, we provide implementations in GAP to cross-check or verify statements.
If you only want to surf the site content, you do ''not'' need to create a login. All parts of the site, as of now, are visible to users without logins.
You can To create an account by following the account creation link from [[Special:UserLogin]]. The main advantage of creating an account is that you can so as to be able to edit pages occasionally or maintain watchlists of articles and customize how the site (particularly the math rendering) appears. By default, newly created accounts do not have permission to edit site pages. This is to avoid the problem of spam, since we don't have the manpower to monitor spam. If you'd like editing permissions, please send an email to vipul.wikis@mathgmail.uchicagocom with your and weWe'll turn on your editing permissionve disabled automatic account creation due to the large volume of spam account creation.
* ''Seriously, is this a 20th century site? You don't support Facebook Connect or OpenID!''
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