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'''What you can get''': Quick access to [[:Category:Terminology|definitions]] ([[Help:Definition lookup|learn more]]), [[:Category:Facts|facts]] ([[Help:Fact lookup|learn more]]), [[:Category:Survey articles|survey articles]] ([[Help:Survey article lookup|learn more]]). An opportunity to explore relationships [[Help:Property-theoretic lookup|using the property-theoretic paradigm]]. Exciting add-ons like [[Groupprops:Guided tour|guided tours]]. The links in the left column will help you get around easily.
'''How to complement other resources''': Complement with your group theory textbooks ([[Help:Using textbook references|learn more]]), use [[Help:Using Wikipedia|Wikipedia]] and [[Help:Using Google Scholar|Google Scholar]] more effectively. Enjoy the benefits of our [[Help:Using Searchbox|searchbox]].
'''What to watch out for''': Read our [[:Category:Groupprops conventions|conventions]] and beware of our [[Groupprops:Hazards|hazards]]: none of the content here is peer-reviewed and very little has been verified by multiple sources.
'''How to join''': [[Special:Userlogin|Sign up and log in]], and then proceed to [[Groupprops:Customize your experience|customize your experience]]. [[Groupprops:Who can join|Anybody can join]], and you can learn more on [[Groupprops:How to contribute|contributing]], if you're interested.
'''How to get help''': [[Help:Contents]] can help with that. Also, use the request/feedback links in the left column.
'''What is Groupprops all about?''': Read our [[Groupprops:Purpose statement|purpose statement]], and learn how we [[Groupprops:Groupprops versus Wikipedia|differ from Wikipedia]]
'''Are there more wikis like this?''': Yes, there's {{dfwiki}}, {{tpwiki}}, {{cawiki}} and {{ncwiki}}. Get a complete list of related wikis and more general information at [[Ref:Main Page|the reference guide main page]].
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