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Viewing, saving and exporting
The toolbox contains a ''Printable version'' option, which you can use to generate a version that is suitable for printing.
* ''Can I obtain the articles in other formats?''
We are considering a PDF export feature, but as of now, this is not possible.
* ''I would like to download a large number of the articles. Can this be done?''
Go to [[Special:Export]] and list all the articles that you want exported (each article name in one line). You can also add all the articles from a particular category. This exports the articles as a XML file. The XML file can be imported into any MediaWiki wiki using the [[Special:Import]] feature of that wiki. * ''The information that I want is split across multiple articles. How do I combine it?'' You can try constructing your own transcluded articles. To avoid confusion with pages on the wiki, create these pages as subpages inside your user namespace, e.g. [[User:Vipul/My transclude]]. To learn more, see [[wp:Wikipedia:Transclusion|the Wikipedia article on transclusion]].
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