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The subcategories of this category should''If you are new to the site and are looking for something specific, in principle, together cover all terminology on it is '''much''' quicker to use the wiki. By "terminology" we mean things that have [[Groupprops:Definition article|definition articles]]search bar.''
Contrast with View terms by importance rank: * Most important/basic terms (importance rank one): {{#ask: [[Page class::Term]][[Importance rank::1]]|limit = 100|searchlabel = Most important/basic terms (importance rank one)}}* Very important/basic terms (importance rank two): {{#ask: [[Page class::Term]][[Importance rank::2]]|limit = 100|searchlabel = See more}}* Somewhat important/basic terms (importance rank three): {{#ask: [[Page class::Term]][[Importance rank::3]]|limit = 100|searchlabel = See more}} Navigate the subcategories to find the terms you are looking for. For an unsorted list of ''all'' facts, {{#ask: [[Page class:Category:FactsTerm]]|limit = 0|searchlabel = click here}}.
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