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Tour:Getting started (beginners)

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{{quotation|[[Guided tour for beginnersTour:Introduction one(beginners)|Get started]]}}
We are about to get started on the guided tour for beginners. To get the most from this guided tour, stay faithful to it, i.e. read the articles in the order suggested. You will have various opportunities for detours: some other articles to read so as to get a better understanding of what you're touring, and some just for entertainment. Please try to open these ''detours'' in different windows/tabs so that you do not lose track of where you are in the main tour.
==Part one==
{{quotation|Get started with [[Guided tour for beginnersTour:Introduction one(beginners)]]}}
This part provides some very basic, introductory definitions. We do not focus here on the example-oriented motivation for these definitions. The pages are:
Bureaucrats, emailconfirmed, Administrators

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