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2-subnormal subgroup has a unique fastest ascending subnormal series
Abelian automorphism group implies class two
Analogue of critical subgroup theorem for infinite abelian-by-nilpotent p-groups
Center is local powering-invariant
Center is quotient-local powering-invariant in nilpotent group
Center is quotient-powering-invariant
Center of binary von Dyck group has order two
Centerless and characteristic in automorphism group implies automorphism group is complete
Centerless implies inner automorphism group is centralizer-free in automorphism group
Characteristic implies normal
Characteristic subalgebras are ideals in the variety of groups
Characterization of exponent semigroup of a finite p-group
Class equation of a group relative to a prime power
Commensurator of subgroup is subgroup
Cube map is endomorphism iff abelian (if order is not a multiple of 3)
Cube map is surjective endomorphism implies abelian
Cyclic automorphism group implies abelian
Equivalence of definitions of LUCS-Baer Lie group
Equivalence of definitions of finite characteristically simple group
Equivalence of definitions of intermediately subnormal-to-normal subgroup
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