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 Quick phrase
2-subnormal subgroup
Almost normal subgroup
C-normal subgroup
C-subnormal subgroup
Characteristic subgroupinvariant under all automorphisms
strongly normal
normal under outer automorphisms
Complemented normal subgroup
Conjugate-commensurable subgroup
Conjugate-comparable subgroup
Direct factorfactor in internal direct product
normal with normal complement
has centralizing complement
Hypernormalized subgroup
Invariant random subgroup
Maximal normal subgroup
Modular subgroup
Nearly normal subgroup
Nilpotent quotient-by-core subgroup
Paranormal subgroup
Permutable subgroup
Polynormal subgroup
Pronormal subgroup
R-normal subgroup
Seminormal subgroup
Serial subgroup
Subgroup invariant under conjugation by a generating set
Subnormal subgroup
Transitively normal subgroup
Weakly normal subgroup
Weakly pronormal subgroup